Comic 60 - 051
15th Jun 2016, 11:07 PM
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Author Notes:
pondicherry-baby edit delete
still with the small talk haha
User comments:
MadJak91 edit delete reply
That is kind of my problem sometimes, haha.
Trying so hard to be appropriate that I actually say something mildly bad at the worst moment.
pondicherry-baby edit delete reply
Dude I have medical parents so I grew up with gross medical chat, and it's really hard to understand that not everyone is used to it haha! I know, I come out with the worst things sometimes!
xianyu118 edit delete reply
Well if the conversation just goes there naturally, the best thing to do is to dive into it with much aplomb!

At least, that's what I'd normally do.
xianyu118 edit delete reply
Uhm. Is this dead?
(please don't be)